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DOMAIN 1.2 » Adding & Removing Hardware

  To prepare for this section you should have an understanding of which parts can be removed and replaced for repair if necessary. Referred to as FRUs, or Field Replaceable Units, they can be removed from a PC without the need of a special device, such as a soldering iron.

Common FRUs in a desktop system are:
Power Supply, Memory, Hard disk, Floppy Disk, Motherboard, and adapter cards.

  The most difficult component of the system to replace is the motherboard. Since everything is in some way attached to the motherboard it requires the most work and memory of what plugs in where. A motherboard would need to be replaced during an upgrade for a more featured board or if the new CPU is incompatible with the older motherboard. Otherwise the board would need to be replaced because of the failure of one of its many integrated parts.

The motherboard can be seen towards the back of the system case. Getting it out of the case is not a 1minute job. First all wires and adapter cards need to be removed. There are also a few screws used to tightly secure the motherboard to the case.

 Section Review Outline
  We will be adding extensive explanations of all topics covered in this section. The following is a detailed listing of what CompTIA questions will cover.
  You should know the proper procedures, if given a hypothetical scenario, of adding or removing an FRU (Field Replaceable Unit). These are the most common modules that CompTIA will base questions on:
  • Motherboard
  • Storage Device
    • FDD (Floppy Disk Drive)
    • HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
    • CD / CDRW
    • DVD / DVDRW
    • Tape Drive
    • Removable Storage
  • Power Supply
    • AC Adapter
    • AT/ATX
  • Cooling Systems
    • Fans
    • Heat Sinks
    • Liquid Cooling
  • Processor / CPU
  • Memory
  • Display Device
  • Input Device
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse / Pointer Device
    • Touch Screen
  • Adapters
    • NIC (Network Interface Card)
    • Sound Card
    • Video Card
    • Modem
    • SCSI
    • IEEE 1394 / Firewire
    • USB
    • Wireless

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