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This is where you want to be for a+ test training and now we've expanded to cover 10 other certification exams. The a+ exam is for people looking for certification related to PC Hardware and Software. The A+ Practice Test Center is here with 100's of questions. Multiple choice questions similar to the CompTIA actual exam.

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The following is some sample material from the site:

home area a+ certification prep

area a+ hardware Identify System Modules

basics of Add Remove Hardware in PC

Review quizzes users have created Sample Questions

Quick run through of some sample questions Training

New computers at dell

Steve Jobs company apple

Instruction on pocket billiards pool game

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The following are other sections under development:

Information about Data Recovery

Learn more on VOIP - Voice Over IP

All about Data Replication

Test your best car knowledge at the Quiz On Cars site.

Fast search engine is google

Current events at cnn tech news

More news at more tech news

Get into grad school gmat test prep

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